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Please See the HOME Page for Details Regarding How New Reality Church/Life Recovery Center is Continuing to Spread the Gospel Despite COVID-19.

7137 Manderlay Dr. Florence, Ky 41042

Weekly LRC Schedule

Sundays    ***NEW SERVICE TIMES***

*Adult Bible Study AND Children's Church: 10:00a

*New Reality Church Service: 11:30a

*AA--Progress Not Perfection: 7-8p


*PAL (Parents of Addicted Loved Ones): 6-7:30p (Support group for families of those struggling with addiction)

*Biblical Foundations Bible Study: 6:30-7:30p (Co-Ed, all are welcome)

*AA--Miraculous Monday: 8-9p 


*Cross Talk Cafe: 5-9p (Cafe-style hangout for fellowship and of

*But God: 6:30-8p (12 Step Bible Study for all life's problems)

*C-S.T.A.R.: 6-7:15p (Support groups for kids of addicted loved ones):                                                                      ***Coming Soon...Registration Required***

*C-S.T.A.R. Caregivers: 6-7:15p (Support group for parents/caregivers of C-S.T.A.R.s):                            ***Coming Soon...Registration Required***

*AA--Burning Desires: 8-9p


*AA--Message of Hope: 8-9p 


*Cross Talk Cafe: 5-10p (Cafe-style hangout for fellowship and of

*AA--I Can't, He Can: 8-9p


*Free Dinner: 6-7p

*New Reality Recovery Church: 7-8p

*AA--Grateful to Know: 8:15-9:15p


*AA--The Red Eye: 7:30a-8:30a

*STEPS Gospel-Centered Recovery: 10:30a-12:30p (12 Step Bible Study) BEGINS      SEPT. 12th; 13 week program   ***Registration Required. Please contact*** 

*Girl Talk:  3:30-5:00p (Free Meal and devotional held once a month. See the New Reality Church Facebook page for event details)***Begins 1/16/2021*** 

*AA--Walking Miracles: 2-3p

Coming Soon

*Families Count

*Supervised Visitation

New Reality Church/Life Recovery Center
7137 Manderlay Dr. Florence, KY 41042

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